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It is the mission of Salem Schools to educate all students by providing a challenging curriculum that promotes higher-order thinking skills, technology integration, and problem-solving through relevant and engaging activities. We will provide the experiences necessary for all students to become college, career, and community ready.



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Athletic Vouchers

With the social distancing guidelines for large outdoor and indoor venues, we will not be able to allow everyone to attend athletic events this year. We will be using a voucher system that requires attendees to present a voucher before purchasing a ticket.   We want to make sure that all of our student-athletes' families will be able to attend so we are giving each player a set number of vouchers for their games. Players will then distribute vouchers to family and friends.

The vouchers will be given out the week of the game, and those who have a voucher will take it to the ticket booth where they will then purchase a ticket.  You must have a voucher to enter the game.  The voucher allows us to stay at 66% capacity which is within the ADH large indoor and outdoor venue guidelines.

There will be 100 vouchers at the ticket booth as general admission for football games only and these vouchers will go fast.  We do not have enough room at our large indoor venue to offer these general admission vouchers in the gym.  

It is not our intention to turn anyone away at the gate; however, in order for us to offer a safe environment as well as stay within the ADH guidelines, we will have to adhere to these practices.



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