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July 2004




July 19, 2004


The Board of Education of the Salem School District #30, state of Arkansas, met in regular session on Monday, July 19, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the boardroom on the high school campus.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Yarnell.


Present: Yarnell, Falco, Smith, and Innis

Absent: Welch


The Chairman declared a quorum present and opened the meeting for business.

The minutes were reviewed for the June 21, 2004, regular meeting.  Innis made the motion, second by Falco to approve the minutes as written.  Passed.

The first order of business was the consideration of bids for products for the 2004/05 school year.   Superintendent Ken Rich recommended to the board to accept the bid from Hiland Dairy to supply milk products for the upcoming year.  Smith made the motion, second by Innis to accept the bid from Hiland Dairy as proposed.  Passed.

Next, Superintendent Rich gave the recommendation to accept the bid proposal from Interstate Brands for bread products for the 2004-2005 school year as no other companies accepted the invitation to bid.  Innis made the motion, second by Smith, to accept the bid as recommended.  Passed.

The bids for mop, mat, and towel service were considered.  Superintendent Rich recommended to accept the bid presented by Cintas to provide the school with mops, mats, and towels for the 2004-2005 year.  Innis made the motion, second by Falco, to accept the bid from Cintas as advised.  Passed.

Superintendent Rich advised the board that bids for propane service had been solicited and would be available for consideration at the next board meeting.

Superintendent Rich gave board members an update on summer maintenance projects.  He advised the asphalt patching had been completed and advised the board that additional extensive repairs to the asphalt surfaces could be considered in late winter so that the process could begin as soon as the upcoming school year is completed.  He advised that floor refinishing and cleaning was on schedule and that carpet installation for the libraries was nearing completion.  He noted that the ball field scoreboard installation was also complete. 

Rich announced that the GCE room was being updated with new tables, chairs, desks, computers, and classroom equipment for the new internship program with start up grant funds and that the business lab was being refurbished with new tables and computers coming from Perkins Grant funds.  E-rate grant funds for the 2004/05 school year were in the amount of $7,350.14.

High school principal Wayne Guiltner reported to the board the results of the first year Iowa Test of Basic Skills given to students this past year.  Salem students scored above the state averages in all categories.  The fifth grade class received outstanding scores and ranked second in the state in one section of the math exam and were ranked first overall of the schools in the Northcentral cooperative area.

Next, resolutions were considered to comply with Act 1599 of 2001 regarding business dealings with board members and executive employees.  Supt. Rich gave the recommendation to continue doing business with Sharp Office Supply.  Innis made the motion, second by Falco to adopt the resolution as recommended.  Passed.

Superintendent Rich gave the recommendation to continue doing business with AWL Wholesale Electric.  Smith made the motion, second by Falco, to adopt the resolution as recommended.  Passed.

The financial reports were reviewed.

Superintendent Rich informed the board that the Annual Financial Report and Budget will be due on September 1 this year rather than the usual September 15 deadline.  He noted that 10 schools will have to complete the submission process before being released for use by other districts.  He advised the members it might not be possible to have this report ready for board approval by the August meeting but that every effort would be made.   Rich also went over the complete list of state reporting schedule deadlines for the upcoming year.

Rich reported to the board the he would be serving as mentor to high school principal Wayne Guiltner for the 2004-2005 school year.

He announced that a new 65 passenger bus had been picked up from Ward Transportation in Conway and would be put on a route for the upcoming year.  He informed board members that technology coordinator Jeff Parks had been on the job since July 1 moving computers, cleaning and repairing machines, installing wire, and setting up workstations.   Remediation activities for the ACTAP exam were discussed including the possibility of computer software purchases.

He noted the art classes would be conducted by distance learning for the upcoming year.

Smith made the motion, second by Falco to adjourn.  Passed.

The Chairman declared the motion carried at 7:45 p.m.