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December 2004




December 20, 2004

The Board of Education of the Salem School District #30, state of Arkansas, met in regular session on Monday, December 20, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the boardroom on the high school campus.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Innis.


Present:  Innis, Smith, Yarnell, and Falco

Absent:   Welch

The Chairman declared a quorum present and opened the meeting for business.

The minutes were reviewed for the November 15, 2004, regular meeting.  Falco made the motion, second by Yarnell, to approve the minutes as written.  Passed.

Superintendent Ken Rich gave board members an update of the new Orchard Software purchased for student tutoring and remediation.  Principals, Wayne Guiltner and David Turnbough reported that teachers who are now doing the remediation program for students are having very positive feedback regarding the tutorial programs and announced that all teachers would receive training in January for the program’s use.

Welch joined the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Superintendent Rich presented the results of the recent statewide school facilities study and announced the findings suggested it would cost approximately $1.4 million to bring Salem’s facilities to meet state standards.  He noted that Salem had the third lowest cost in the state for facility needs and had the fourth lowest cost per child statewide.  He announced the next step would be meeting with a state committee to determine more exact needs and costs to reach state guidelines for facilities.  He also noted that facilities needs and cost issues would be top priority in the upcoming legislative session.

Superintendent Rich presented amended board policy and school handbooks to include the acceptance of United States military identification as an acceptable form of enrollment for the school.  He recommended the board policy for enrollment and the sections regarding enrollment in the high school and elementary handbook as changed (attached).  Smith made the motion, second by Welch to adopt the enrollment policies as recommended.  Passed.

Superintendent Rich informed the board of the additional 6 months premium for property and fleet insurance from Arkansas School Board Association will cost $15,074.00 and the current insured term will run through June 2005.

Superintendent Rich gave board members an update on the school’s E-rate request.  Application for telephone charge reimbursement and technology equipment upgrades in the amount of $4,000.00 have been requested.

Superintendent Rich announced the discussion of a personnel matter.  Smith made the motion, second by Yarnell to go into executive session.  Passed.

The Chairman declared the motion carried at 7:30 p.m.

The board returned to open session at 8:05 and no action was taken as a result of the executive session.

High School principal, Wayne Guiltner presented to the board a report on various types of student performance and awards.  From the October ACT testing, student scores were outstanding with the average score 22.1 with the state’s average being 20.  Two students scored in the 30 or above range.

From the FFA District Leadership contest held at Jonesboro, Whitney Young placed first in Public Speaking and Stacey Yarnell placed third in Creed Speaking.  The Opening and Closing team Jonathan Vick, Billy Dickerson, Hunter Hardin, Cory Tyler, Matthew Cochran, Maegan Wright, and Chase Cunningham placed third. 

Congratulations to the Junior High Quiz Bowl Team.  They finished third place in the 2004-2005 NAESC Junior High Quiz Bowl Tournament at Melbourne Wednesday.  Team members are:  Captain-Stacey Yarnell, Co-Captain-Stephanie McCullough, Logan Henley, T.W. Langevin, Brittany Smith, Blake Martin, Jesse Turner, and Jon Goodson.  Scorekeepers are Emily Foster and Terra Kinder.

Guiltner announced eight football players received All-Conference honors:  Lonny Brown, Thomas Cooper, Matt Arnold, Dusty York, Phillip Taylor, Chad Willett, Michael Innis, and Kyle Estes.  Five players received Second Team All-Conference honors:  Michael Seyler, Dustin Vaughn, Luke Harber, Derek Estes, and Lynn Harber.  Thomas Cooper was named to the KAIT Coaches Super Team.  He was honored along with other Region 8 players on KAIT last week. 

At the recent All-Region band competition held at Jonesboro, Salem had twelve students make all region bands plus one first alternate.  Students making All-Region honor:  Third Band – Holly Williams, Clay Rucker, Shelby York, and Stephanie McCullough; Second Band – Megan Vaughn, Amber Cassidy, Emily Foster, Forrest Rose, and Tyler Casey; First Band – Terra Kinder, Cassie Stafford, and Shawn Travelstead.  First alternate:  Ashley Cassidy

Mr. Wayne Guiltner presented Explore Test scores from the eighth grade and Plan Test scores from the tenth grade in English, Math, Reading, and Science and noted that Salem students scored better than national averages in all categories.

The financial reports were reviewed.

Superintendent Rich informed the board that three subgroup appeals on the school’s Annual Yearly Progress Report had been approved.

Rich also noted that the school’s gifted and talented program application had been approved.

Rich announced that current enrollment is 721 with 369 in elementary and 352 in the high school.

Superintendent Rich gave thanks and appreciation to Coach Eric Chambers and Coach Casey Scribner for filling in for Coach Wendall Smith while he is ill.

Superintendent Rich informed the board that he will obtain bids on football bleachers and a fence around the football field to present at a future meeting.

The opportunity to apply for a Title VII Federal Education grant was discussed and the decision was made not to pursue the grant at this time.

Superintendent Rich told the board that a water leak at the elementary school has been repaired.

Superintendent Rich thanked elementary principal David Turnbough for directing the elementary intramural basketball program.  He announced 97 kids attended a one day fundamental training camp presented by high school coaches and 120 kids were currently signed up to participate.

Smith made the motion, second by Yarnell to adjourn.  Passed.

The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.