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October 2006




October 16, 2006


The Board of Education of the Salem School District #30, state of Arkansas, met in regular session on Monday, October 16, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. in the boardroom on the high school campus.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Falco.


Present:  Koelling, Yarnell, Falco, Smith, and Innis

Absent:   None

The Chairman declared a quorum present and opened the meeting for business.

The minutes were reviewed for the September 11, 2006, regular meeting.  Smith made the motion, second by Yarnell to approve the minutes as written.  Passed.

The first order of business was the reorganization of the board.  Innis made the motion to elect Dr. Guy Smith as president with a second given by Yarnell.  Passed.

Chairman Falco declared the motion carried and turned over duties to the newly elected Chairman Guy Smith.

Innis made the motion, second by Falco to elect Burton Yarnell as Vice-President.  Passed.

Yarnell made the motion, second by Falco to elect Mike Innis as Secretary.  Passed.

Superintendent Ken Rich welcomed newly elected member Wanda Koelling to the board.

Superintendent Rich recommended to the board to renew the school’s business trip insurance policy from the Arkansas School Boards Association at a cost of $408.00 for coverage 1/1/07 through 12/31/07.  Yarnell made the motion, second by Innis to renew the insurance as recommended.  Passed.

Next, Superintendent Rich presented the annual school district’s ACSIP (Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plan) to the board for review.  Falco made the motion, second by Yarnell to adopt the ACSIP for the 2006/07 school year as presented (attached).  Passed.

Superintendent Rich presented the school’s Equity Compliance Report for 06/07 and recommended it for approval.  Innis made the motion, second by Yarnell to approve the Equity Compliance Report as recommended.  Passed.

Superintendent Rich presented a resolution to the board certifying district support of the facility partnership program for the 2007-08 and 2008-09 school years.  The board approved the resolution that confirmed the district’s plan to finish the district’s portion on each project in accordance with state procedures.  The board noted that the district portion would increase if the partnership applications were approved at increased amounts.

Mr. Rich also reported to the board that the school district’s crisis plan has been reviewed with teachers over the past few weeks.  He informed the board that a review of the plan is conducted on an annual basis.  However, district personnel have met to review the plan in more detail over the past month.

Superintendent Rich discussed the possibility of purchasing automated external defibrillation equipment for the district for use in emergency medical situations.  He noted that he would look into pricing information and report his findings at next month’s meeting.  He also informed the board that school nurse Tena Smith would be conducting CPR training with several staff members from each building during their conference hours to help in situations requiring emergency preparedness.

Superintendent Rich brought forth the consideration of employment of an aid for a special needs student in the district.  Mr. Rich recommended the employment of the Lee Ann McHenry to fill in the remainder of the school year provided that the position would terminate when the student leaves the school system.  Yarnell made the motion, second by Falco to extend a contract to Lee Ann McHenry for the remainder of the 06/07 school year as stipulated.  Passed.

Next Superintendent Rich presented a student transfer petition for a student from Viola to attend school at Salem and recommended to accept the transfer.  Falco made the motion, second by Innis to accept the student transfer (attached) as recommended.  Passed.

High school principal Wayne Guiltner recognized the school’s golf team accomplishments for the year.  Both boys and girls ranked first in both district and regional matches.  The girls team finished 4th and the boys team 10th in state tournament action.  He expressed thanks to all members and Coach Larry Brown for their hard work and success.

The financial reports were reviewed.

Superintendent Rich thanked the elementary school cooks and staff for hosting the annual Grandparents/Family Breakfast and noted over 770 were served.

Mr. Rich announced that the end of the first quarter would be October 19th and that the parent/teacher conferences would be Tuesday, October 24th.  School would dismiss at 1:30 p.m. with conferences from 2:00 until 7:00 p.m. that day.

Mr. Rich announced that the high school gym would be used for a basketball scrimmage game between Williams Baptist College and North Arkansas Community College on October 26th.

Falco made the motion to adjourn, second by Koelling.  Passed.

The Chairman declared the meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.