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Helpful Kindergarten Information 

*Our P.E. class rotates with Music and Art.  On P.E. days your child will need to wear tennis shoes to run in.  Each month your child will receive a calendar that lists what rotation class they have each day.  This should help with wearing shoes they can run in. 

 *If there is ever a change in how your child will be leaving school (by bus or pick-up), we must have a written note or you should call the office to inform us of the change.  Sometimes children can get confused about what they are supposed to do, so having a note helps us make sure they are going to the right place.  Thanks for your help with this!

 *Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have birthday parties at school.  We will make your child a birthday crown to wear on their birthday, and we will make sure they feel extra special on that day. 

 *Breakfast begins each morning at 7:40.  If your child needs to eat breakfast at school, they will need to put their backpack beside their classroom door, then go directly to the lunchroom and get in line.  After breakfast, they will go outside to recess.  Those who have eaten at home can put their backpack beside their door, and go directly to recess.  There will be teachers helping them get to the correct location.