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King/Queen Writing


 King/Queen Writing

We  have started a new project that we will be working on each day.  You will hear your child talk about having his/her turn to be the King or Queen for the day.  Part of the fun being King/Queen is being the line leader for the day and having the class make a book for the King/Queen. 

For the book, each child writes the name of the King or Queen at the top of the page, then adds their own name at the bottom.  It is put in book format for the King or Queen to take home and share with his/her family. 

Later we will add more writing, so each time your child brings home a book it will be a little different.  This activity gives us an opportunity for many writing skills to be taught, such as writing left to right, beginning at the top and working down to the bottom of the page, letter and sentence formation, etc.  You will be able to see the growth in writing throughout the year when your King/Queen brings home his/her book!

We will make a book for one child each day, so your child should get a turn to be King or Queen every two or three weeks, then we will start over again.  We are getting good at taking turns already!